Antarctica World Passport | La Littorale #6

Antarctica World Passport | La Littorale #6

26 August 2016 - 02 November 2016
Anglet, France
Group Exhibition

Curated by Paul Ardenne, La Littorale #6, the Basque Coast biennial of contemporary art, offers a journey through outdoor monumental works installed in emblematic locations across the town of Anglet: La Barre, the Izadia ecological park, the seafront, as well as La Chambre d’Amour.

La Littorale questions the tensions and contradictions to which our shorelines are now subject. Places that are sought after for their gentle lifestyle, are now political spaces with limits, boundaries and physical frontiers.

In this context, Lucy + Jorge Orta launch a new monumental work commissioned by the biennial: M.I.U.  Antarctica World Passport, Mobile Delivery Bureau. A former army vehicle, customised and equipped with metaphorical objects and survival materials such as stretchers, camp beds, and life buoys, symbolically evokes a “Mobile Intervention Unit” which could intervene in an emergency situation providing shelter, water, food amongst other things. Since 2001, the artists have been developing these modules as a way to facilitate mobility and autonomy of individuals and in some cases encourage interaction and active participation of communities. Installed at the beach of La Barre in the North of Anglet, the work references the increasing numbers of refugees displaced through conflict and climate disasters. An Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau, the largest so far, is also part of the installation. Antarctica, a continent of cooperation, dedicated to science, preservation of natural resources and biodiversity, is for the artists, a powerful symbol, a utopia of a peaceful world without borders. The Antarctica World Passport has mobilized 50,000 citizens around the world so far, not only to protect the Antarctic, which represents 70% of the planet’s fresh water, but also to take action against global warming and for peace.

Spirits | Emscherkunst Triennial | Germany

Spirits | Emscherkunst Triennial | Germany

04 June 2016 - 18 September 2016
Emscher Valley, Ruhr, Germany
Group exhibition

For the third edition of the Emscherkunst Triennial (June 4 - September 18, 2016), Lucy + Jorge Orta launch a major new commission: Spirits of the Emscher Valley. The Triennial spans a 50-Km trail along the river Emscher, criss-crossing natural parklands and post-industrial landscapes, dialoguing with the changing environment in the Ruhr area. 

For the occasion, Lucy + Jorge Orta have installed three "Spirits" at strategic locations to reveal meaningful interpretations regarding the history of the former coal and steel industries. Since 2012, the artists’ "Spirits" interweave between the medium of performance and figurative sculpture, working as metaphors of the locations in which they are performed or installed, and aim to capture the "soul" of the place. The participative approach – at the heart of the artists work – is essential in the process of the sculptural "personification". For Emscherkunst, Lucy + Jorge Orta worked together closely with residents from the Ruhr area, people who have special connections to the locations, prompting story-telling about their communities.

Installed on the shore of the Phoenix lake at Dortmund-Hörde, Totem with Magpie evokes a new generation who will grow up within this industrial metamorphosis while Bird woman is symbolically linking the East and West side of Phoenix formerly joined by a viaduct. At Kokerei Hansa in Dortmund-Huckarde, a coke plant which closed in the '9Os, the Observer, like an oracle, testifies to the transformation of the landscape: Nature is invading and taking possession of the relics of past.

OrtaWater in Toulouse | France

OrtaWater in Toulouse | France

22 May 2016 - 16 October 2016
Les Abattoirs
Group Exhibition

Studio Orta is pleased to announce its participation in the group show Interractions which will take place at Les Abattoirs, Toulouse from May 22 to October 16, 2016.

The exhibition explores the interaction between man and his environment through the thematic variations of exploitation, destruction, and preservation. The work of the artists: Hicham Berrada, Julian Charrière, Lucy + Jorge Orta, Liam Sy Paquemar, Marie Velardi, Guido Van der Werve and Stefanie Zoche, portray in different mediums, the ambiguous nature of our relationship with the environment, in particular man’s dependence on and domination over the planet’s natural resources.

Fluvial Intervention Unit by Lucy + Jorge Orta, the emblematic sculpture from the OrtaWater series, is both a means to transport and navigate water. The elegant maple-wood canoe is simply suspended in time, amongst the pipes and recipients designed to carry this natural resource.

Life Guards in Safe and Sound

Life Guards in Safe and Sound

23 March 2016 - 21 August 2016
Mudac, Lausanne, Switzerland
Group Exhibition

The exhibition Safe and Sound curated by Claire Favre Maxwell at the Mudac in Lausanne, from March 23 to August 21, 2016 focuses on themes of security, fear, protection and surveillance in 21st Century, and addresses these phenomena through design, objects from everyday life, photography and contemporary art.

The current trend of 'ultra-safety' – rejecting the unexpected and planning for every eventuality – is becoming an imposed standard and it reflects the denial of death that is characteristic of contemporary society. Countless security instructions detail procedures to avoid risk in the public space, while entrances to a growing number of public places are heavily controled - our faces, bodies, fingerprints and pupils are repeatedly scanned. Western society is moving towards ultra-security, towards a refusal of the unexpected and an absolute desire for anticipation.

Under the heading protection, Lucy + Jorge Orta exhibit sculpture from the Life Guard series, which incorporate the artists’ signature Red Cross army surplus. Stretcher beds transform into collective overalls and camp beds detach from frames morphing into sleeping bags; rucksacks convert to multiple habitats and linen tarpaulins mutate into collective harnesses, dinghies deploy creating wearable life rafts and lifejackets pop-out of courier bags – an endless array of mutable Utopian prototypes for survival, conceived over the last ten years of their practice.

Nature’s forces – current exhibitions in Belgium

Nature’s forces – current exhibitions in Belgium

11 March 2016 - 26 June 2016
Galerie Valérie Bach, Brussels - Budafabriek, Kortrijk
Group Exhibition

Following on from the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris, an increasing number of exhibitions are tackling issues that foreground environmental issues. The work of Lucy + Jorge Orta has been prominent in these visual debates, which share a commonality, to reflect on the condition and place of man within nature.

Sculpture from the Amazonia and OrtaWater projects are currently on view in two exhibitions in Belgium, with different curatorial approaches.

The Force of Nature, Galerie Valerie Bach Brussels: March 11 to May 21, 2016. 
Curated by James Putnam, The Force of Nature, is inspired not only by nature but also its processes - evolution, birth, growth, aging, decay, change. Nature is constantly in a state of change and the artists' acute awareness and sensitivity to this change is crucial to the creation of their work that can be site-specific, monumental or ephemeral. Working in a diverse range of media, artists are continually searching and synthesizing creative, new ways to redefine our relationship with nature. Works can be evocative, provocative or sublime, and may also communicate an urgent environmental message.

Water.War, Budafabriek Kortrijk: March 13 to June 26, 2016.
Water.War, presents projects by artists, social designers, researchers, entrepreneurs and NGOs all of whom look at the relationship between human beings and water, and/or sought solutions for a sustainable relationship between the two. While artists query the world, a large number of experts work toward finding specific solutions to the major problems of today. The critical connection between these different players does not just lead to interesting confrontations between disciplines, but inspires audiences to take positive actions and think critically about this natural ressource.

Symphony for Absent Wildlife unveiled in Leicester

Symphony for Absent Wildlife unveiled in Leicester

30 January 2016 - 24 April 2016
Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester, UK
Solo Exhibition

The new Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester inaugurates with a solo exhibition of the work of Lucy + Jorge Orta, from January 30 to April 24, 2016. The work on show draws a number of intersecting links between the scarcity of resources, species loss, climate change and migration.

The centre piece to the exhibition is Symphony for Absent Wildlife, first commissioned by the Nuit Blanche Calgary in Canada, has been newly adapted to the gallery setting, to create an immersive audio installation experience. The audience encounters an orchestra of masked creatures sculpted from felt blankets, blowing tiny hand-sculpted bird whistles they grasp within their fragile ceramic hands. The musician’s bird song builds up to a dawn chorus with an abrupt censure, leaving the audience with a sentiment of loss.

Unfolding in further galleries are sculpture from the series Life Line, Life Guard and Amazonia that weave a visual narrative, tackling issues of survival, and although many of the works were conceived over ten years ago, they are even more timely in view of recent events.
Objects, vitrines and drawings derived from the artists 2009 expedition to the Peruvian Amazon, recount an oasis of diversity in a state of crisis. At the same time, they restore our focus to the world around us, the beauty of the millions of species both locally and globally that depend on the Amazon for their survival, and to the natural cycles of life and death.

Please join us for the opening in Leicester on January 29, from 6 to 9pm. 

Inaugural show | Jane Lombard Gallery NY

Inaugural show | Jane Lombard Gallery NY

14 January 2016 - 20 February 2016
Jane Lombard Gallery, New York, USA
Solo exhibition

Lucy + Jorge Orta are really pleased to announce their first solo exhibition in New York City at the international reputed Jane Lombard Gallery. From January 14 to February 20, the artists will present Antarctica, with the most representative artworks from this series.  

Along side the signature Dome Dwelling from the ephemeral Antarctic Village installed in Antarctic in 2007 are, Life Line and Drop Parachute as well as numerous watercolour drawings inspired by the artists’ extraordinary expedition.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is Antarctic World Passport Delivery Bureau, a mobile installation recently at the Grand Palais in Paris during the COP21 UN Climate Summit. Visitors to the Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau, an architectural assemblage made from reclaimed materials, receive a uniquely numbered Antarctica World Passport and in exchange, pledge to support the project’s principles: to take action against the disastrous effects of global warming and strive for peace.

Since 2008, 55,000 passports have been printed, and visitors to Lucy + Jorge Orta’s exhibition at the Jane Lombard Gallery will be invited to register for their personalized passport edition, and to join this growing community of world citizens.

Please join us for the opening in NYC on January 14, from 6 to 8pm.


COP21 - Antarctica in the Grand Palais

COP21 - Antarctica in the Grand Palais

04 December 2015 - 10 December 2015
Grand Palais, Paris, France
Public Art Work

Uniting world citizens: join the Antarctica World Passport community.

Lucy + Jorge Orta are pleased to announce their participation in the COP21 UN Climate Summit, with the public work Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau, which will be installed inside Paris’s iconic Grand Palais, as part of the ArtCOP21 Climate Festival of the Arts.

The Antarctica World Passport project highlights the urgent need to consider the human dignity of people suffering as a consequence of climate change. Tens of thousands of citizens around the world have already pledged their support and signed up for an Antarctica World Passport. During COP21, from 4 to 10 December 2015, thousands more passports will be delivered to visitors attending the Solutions21 exhibition in Paris. Antarctica World Passports will be issued to any individual who wishes to become a member of a world community without borders in exchange for an agreement to protect the environment, respect mankind, and fight for peace.

Antarctica World Passport is part of a much larger research project by Lucy + Jorge Orta, which resulted from their expedition to Antarctica in 2007. Antarctica’s immaculate and peaceful ice landscape has become a powerful symbol of global warming. Geographic transformations and displacement of communities induced by climate change, especially along costal zones or in desert regions are redefining our local and global borders. Climate Change crosses all borders and is affecting every region of the world, without distinction. Faced with this global phenomenon our reaction can also be united without borders. Please join us at the Grand Palais, or online

As part of the Conference of Creative Parties, on 6 December at 5pm, ArtCOP21 and COAL invite you to join them at the Gaité lyrique in Paris, for a face-to-face with Lucy + Jorge Orta, moderated by journalist Lydia Ben Yitzhak.

Antarctica at Vienna Art Week

Antarctica at Vienna Art Week

17 November 2015 - 10 January 2016
Kunst Haus, Group Exhibition
Wien, Austria

If you happen to be in the Austrian capital for Vienna Art Week, this is your chance to view a fragment of the Antarctic Village in Creating Common Good at the Kunst Haus Wien, from November 17, 2015 to January 10, 2016.

Curated by Robert Punkenhofer and Ursula Maria Probst, the exhibition explores the notion of “common good” – sharing of natural resources, public space and services – lending further urgency to the call for a new public awareness of the notion of commons. Tackling a range of topics from alternative microsystems, gentrification processes and the migration crisis; to criticism of budgetary cuts in education and culture, artists including, Atelier Van Lieshout, Joseph Beuys, Ramesch Daha, Leon Golub, Tamara Grcic, Teresa Margolles, Martha Rosler and Lucy + Jorge Orta, question the creation and use of resources, they suggest alternatives to the established order, and hold themselves to the ethical task of shaping society.

Lucy + Jorge Orta’s Antarctic Village - Dome Dwelling, originally installed across the Antarctic continent in 2007, calls into question issues relating to the environment, politics, autonomy, habitat, mobility and relationships among peoples. Each tent-dwelling, hand stitched with flags from countries around the world, along with extensions of clothes and gloves, is silkscreen printed with a new Article (13.3) for the UN Declaration for Human Rights. Since the wake of the unprecedented migration crisis, and the increasing displacement of communities due to global warming, the Antarctica project is a powerful reminder of the necessity to redefine common good.

OrtaWater in ZKM Karlsruhe

OrtaWater in ZKM Karlsruhe

31 October 2015 - 28 February 2016
ZKM , Group Exhibition

Lucy + Jorge Orta are really pleased to announce their participation to Global:Exo-Evolution, a group exhibition co-curated by Peter Weibel, Sabiha Keyif, Philipp Ziegler and Giulia Bini, at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, from October 31, 2015 to February 28, 2016.

Exo-Evolution focuses on the entanglement of art and science, and the artistic use of new technologies that offer a vision of the future. A new reality, shaped by 3-D printers cyborgs, chimeras, gene pools, wearable technologies, synthetic life forms, bionic suits, silicon retinas, artificial tissue, genetic manipulation and quantum physics; is set along along-side solutions such as separating oxygen from CO2 to combat pollution.

Within this context, Lucy + Jorge Orta present Zillie Fluvial Intervention Unit, an immense floating 'water-bar' that displays hundreds of commercial water bottles from around the world. This work raises questions surrounding the privatization and corporate control that affects universal access to water. The fluvial unit is part of the series OrtaWater, which explores through a combination of sculptural experimentation and scientific collaboration, the scarcity of this natural resource, its pollution, the purification processes and methods of re-distribution.

Exceptional opening | Studio Orta Les Moulins

Exceptional opening | Studio Orta Les Moulins

18 October 2015
Les Moulins, Boissy-le-Châtel, Solo exhibition

You are cordially invited to the exceptional opening of Studio Orta Les Moulins, on Sunday October 18, from 12 to 4pm: Lucy + Jorge Orta, la condition du vivant, curated by Philippe Piguet.

Pour certains artistes qui entretiennent à l’espace un rapport privilégié, il leur faut à un moment donné de leur histoire trouver leur lieu. Non pour s’y poser – ceux-là sont de nature nomade et leur art n’existe que dans l’idée de déplacement – mais pour en faire tout à la fois le creuset de toutes sortes d’expériences à diffuser par suite dans le monde et le réceptacle de celles réalisées ici et là. Pour Lucy et Jorge Orta, Les Moulins répondent exactement à cette nécessité. Ils s’y sont donc installés depuis quinze ans, œuvrant à les dynamiser de leurs différentes aventures et les transformant en un espace prospectif d’échanges et de dialogues.

Dans le champ de l’art contemporain, Lucy + Jorge Orta se sont imposés depuis de très nombreuses années comme les figures parangons d‘un engagement artistique en rapport à la question cruciale de l’environnement. Quelle que soit la forme qu’ont prise leurs faits et gestes, leur préoccupation est d’interpeller le regard aux problèmes majeurs que rencontre notre monde dans tous les registres de son évolution. Qu’il s’agisse de l’eau, de la biodiversité, du réchauffement climatique, voire des questions d’identité, de frontière et de migration, Lucy et Jorge Orta agissent en militants indépendants, l’esprit libre de toute contrainte idéologique, dans l’unique intention de préserver ce qui fonde la condition du vivant, condition sine qua non sans quoi celle de l’homme n’est pas respectée.  Philippe Piguet

Travel by car. Travel by train. Informations about Galleria Continua Les Moulins.

The exhibition Lucy + Jorge Orta, la condition du vivant is open by appointment only, RDV.

No Borders! Antarctic Village unveiled in Geneva

No Borders! Antarctic Village unveiled in Geneva

11 October 2015 - 13 October 2015
Sicli Pavillon, Solo exhibition

On the occasion of the Nansen Initiative Global Consultation, Lucy + Jorge Orta’s work Antarctic Village – No Borders will be on exhibition in the Sicli Pavillon Geneva, from October 11 to 13, 2015. The installation, a key component of the DISPLACEMENT project, explores issues of territory and identity.

Curated by the University of the Arts London, DISPLACEMENT is devised as an integrated cultural component of the Nansen Initiative consultative process, foregrounding art practice and research as a methodology to add value to the Nansen Initiative process. DISPLACEMENT seeks to provide a dynamic public interface and heighten awareness of the key issues and challenges facing the urgent need to recognize the plight of displaced people across the world due to slow and sudden-onset disasters, many of which are exacerbated by climate change.

During the Nansen Initiative Global Consultation, representatives of some 100 States from around the world, as well as international organizations, NGOs and academics, will come together endorse a document called the Protection Agenda, which addresses the needs of people displaced across international borders in the context of disasters, including the effects of climate change.

Along side contributions by artists, including Robin Jenkins, Andri Pol, Din M. Shilby, Marie Velardi and Chris Wainwright, Lucy + Jorge Orta will be distributing the Antarctica World Passport, which includes a proposal to ratify the UN Declaration of Human Rights: Article 13.3. Everyone has the right to move freely and cross-frontiers to their chosen territory. No individual should have an inferior status to that of capital, trade, telecommunication, or pollution that traverse all borders.

Meteoros - Premiers in France

Meteoros - Premiers in France

26 September 2015 - 17 January 2016
Gare Lille Flandres, Public Art work

A suspended meeting place, the sky is the agora of our imagination.

Lucy + Jorge Orta will inaugurate their world-famous artwork Cloud | Meteoros in the city of Lille, Friday September 25 at 7pm. Suspended within the Lille Flandres railway station, the monumental installation will welcome visitors to the new edition of Lille 3000 | Renaissance.

From September 26, 2015 to January 17, 2016, five ethereal clouds will float above the 80,000 people who travel to the city each day. The two clouds initially commissioned for London’s St Pancras International inaugural Terrace Wires, will be joined by three new clouds created specifically for the exhibition Renaissance. The new sculptures feature a winged cherub cast from a local teenager, selected by the Lille 3000 committee.

Meteoros is derived from the ancient Greek, meaning ‘in the midst’. Clouds have long been intercessors between reality and the imagination, between heaven and earth, lightness and gravity. They inhabit the skies of Renaissance fresco paintings, often depicted crowded with laymen and prophets, angels and deities. Throughout history, this celestial vault has been a site of conviviality, of learning and exchange. Like their series 70 x 7 the Meal, which invites people to share a meal in public space, Cloud | Meteoros is a public artwork suspended momentarily, like a breath of fresh air.

For press enquiries contact

Save the Date - Harvest in Peterborough

Save the Date - Harvest in Peterborough

19 September 2015 - 20 September 2015
Cathedral Square Peterborough, Public Art Work

Come and join us for the HARVEST in Peterborough from 11am on Sunday September 20, to celebrate a weekend-long festival of art, food, and music.

Thousands of visitors will descend on the city to welcome in the harvest moon, and take part in a revival of Peterborough's 8000 year-old agricultural heritage. The highlight will be 70 x 7 The Meal. Lucy + Jorge Orta will be welcoming guests from to take one of the 500 seats at an enormous open-air table, in Peterborough’s historic Cathedral Square. 

70 x 7 The Meal, act XXXIX Peterborough, represents the artists’ first-ever outdoor meal in the UK and their 39th in the on-going series of worldwide dining events that bring communities together to discuss issues related to food, its distribution and production. For the occasion, Lucy + Jorge have designed a bespoke dinner service of 500 commemorative limited edition Royal Limoges porcelain plates, a silk jacquard table runner woven with gold thread, and giant bread boards carved by residents of HMP (Peterborough). As with all ‘acts’ of 70 x 7 The Meal, seven guests have been invited to invite seven others, and so on, thereby creating a chain reaction that ensures a diverse mix of people are drawn together. Along side a public lottery, Metal and volunteers from Peterborough’s Soup Kitchen intend to cater for hundreds of spontaneous guests.

The menu, prepared by renowned chef Lee Clarke of Clarkes restaurant, includes ingredients sourced by Peterborough farmers, city allotments and community growing projects. Together with award-winning milliner Eloise Moody, Lee will bake five hundred loaves of bread with messages inside to stimulate conversations between diners.

Commissioned by Metal, the UK based arts organisation founded by Jude Kelly CBE, this will be their largest UK 70 x 7 The Meal in a town deemed to be both the breadbasket of England but also in the UK’s bottom 20% for public engagement in the arts.

70 x 7 The Meal concludes with new a monograph by Black Dog Publishing and a solo exhibition at Peterborough City Gallery, in September 2016.

Food Water Life | Last Stop Canada!

Food Water Life | Last Stop Canada!

29 August 2015 - 06 December 2015
Museum London, Ontario, Solo exhibition

After touring the USA, the Museum London, Ontario welcomes the triptych Food Water Life from August 29 to December 6, 2015. This final stop of the exhibition presents three major bodies of work that span close to two decades of collaborative work by Lucy + Jorge Orta. Through sculptures, drawings, installations, and video the artists explore major concerns that define the twenty-first century: biodiversity, environmental sustainability, climate change, and the social economy.

As heirs to the practice of social sculpture, formulated by the German artist and activist Joseph Beuys in the 1960s, the Orta’s works are relics of their own function—captivating assemblages such as the Processing Units and the Purification Factory are, respectively, a platform for the preparation of food and a mechanism to purify water. Other sculptures created as the result of the 2007 expedition to Antarctica, form part of a global effort to amend the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The featured works are metaphors-in-action, imaginative constructions that perform the tasks of which they are emblematic.

Food Water Life was initiated by the Tufts University Art Gallery in 2012, and is curated by curatorsquared. The exhibition toured to the Richard E. Peeler Art Center; Ben Maltz Gallery; Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art; Zilkha Gallery.

OrtaWater returns to The Netherlands

OrtaWater returns to The Netherlands

27 June 2015 - 04 October 2015
Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden, Group Exhibition

Following on from OrtaWater presented at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam in 2005, Lucy + Jorge Orta have been invited to create a new rendition of their Purification Factory for Museum De Lakenhal’s summer exhibition Global Imaginations. The artists’ factory will be purifying and distributing water from the De Meelfabriek, an abandoned flour factory that reflects the city’s industrial past, from 27 June until 4 October 2015.

Lucy + Jorge Orta will be among the twenty leading contemporary artists presented in Global Imaginations, seeking ways to better understand our world geography. In the Dutch town of Leiden, scientists from the Leiden University have been studying the globe for centuries, and their efforts often relied on collaboration with artists who captured their findings in maps, botanical drawings, diagrams and symbols. But the modern world is changing constantly. The traditional borders that separate the local, the national and the international are quickly fading thanks to the development of the internet and through increasing migration, while new scientific discoveries are constantly enabling us to adapt our own worldviews.

Within this context, Lucy + Jorge’s body of work OrtaWater focuses on water scarcity and the complex issues surrounding the corporate control of access to clean water. Their sculptures are both playful and provocative, incorporating fully functioning low-cost purification machinery, bottling stations and transportation devices that enable filthy water to be pumped and filtered directly from neighbouring polluted water sources. Water Purification Factory is typical of the artists’ aesthetic, a huge assemblage of reclaimed wooden huts, water objects and machinery that will be pumping polluted water from Old Rhine and distributing clean samples, to help broaden our understanding of water availability, the effects of pollution, and to demonstrate simple purification and distribution solutions.

Italian exhibitions | Fashion as Social Energy

Italian exhibitions | Fashion as Social Energy

28 May 2015 - 30 August 2015
Palazzo Morando, Museo Costume, Moda e Immagine, Milan, Group exhibition

After Fabulae Naturae, commissioned by ZegnArt, which took place in Milan on the 2nd May, and their participation to Glasstress 2015 Gotika for the International Art Exhibition of the 56th Venice Biennale. Lucy + Jorge Orta present a selection of historic works in the exhibition Fashion as Social Energy, from 28th May to 30st August.

Fashion as Social Energy presents artists and designers, who offer new alternative visions of the role of clothing as a powerful means of expression channelling new world values.The exhibition reveals a new sensibility for common themes ranging from the growing concern for our common destiny and the environment, the relationship of dress codes to territory, the combination of Eastern and Western traditions, the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, the vulnerability of the body and the fragility of personal identities.

In the exhibition we discover several periods of Lucy + Jorge Orta’s work, Identity Refuge (1995), a collaboration with the Salvation Army charity, employing second hand clothing and accessories – belts, gloves, zippers – to turn them into fashionable items of clothing, and to give residents the means to reclaim their self-esteem through the items they transform during the artists’ workshops.

The second series Fabualae Romanae (2012), includes the Traveller, wearing an enormous coat festooned with sleeves and cloth suitcases; the Traveller seems to be doomed to travel for eternity. Dome Dwelling Viminale, one of the seven Hills of Rome in the series, is a shelter for the mysterious and romantic characters who wander the city of Rome, in the artists’ interpretation of the Italian city.

Curated by Anna Detheridge and Gabi Scardi and organised by Connecting Cultures.

Biennale de Venezia | Glasstress Gotika

Biennale de Venezia | Glasstress Gotika

09 May 2015 - 22 November 2015
Palazzo Franchetti, Venice, International Art Exhibition

Following their participation in Glasstress 2013, Lucy + Jorge Orta are delighted to announce their participation in Glasstress 2015 Gotika, a collateral exhibition that will take place at the Palazzo Franchetti, Academia for the 56th Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

The exhibition, lead by the State Hermitage Museum and Berengo Studio, explores how medieval ideas and communication methods have imperceptibly crept into our modern conscience despite our technological advances and how the Gothic concept influences contemporary art. Glasstress 2015 Gotika will combine historical works from the Hermitage collection and newly commissioned art works in glass, all with a Gothic theme.

Commissioned for the exhibition, Lucy + Jorge Orta’s sculpture Arboreal, is an imposing bronze cast from a fallen tree-trunk from which, four exquisite glass seed pods are blossoming. The contrast between the dark patina of the bronze and the ethereal quality of the delicate hand-blown Murano glass, speak of the resilience of nature to overcome the most barren environments.

Milan Expo inaugural event | Fabulae Naturae

Milan Expo inaugural event | Fabulae Naturae

02 May 2015
Ermenegildo Zegna global headquarters, Milan, Performance event

On May 2nd, ZegnArt celebrated the opening of Expo Milan 2015. For the occasion, Lucy + Jorge Orta were commissioned to create a series of monumental wall murals for the Ermenegildo Zegna global headquarters, forming a stunning backdrop to the performance Symphony of Absent Wildlife and Act XXXVII of their artist dinners, 70 x 7 The Meal. The exhibition Fabulae Naturae curated by Maria Luisa Frisa, will be open to the public on May 10th, 24th and 31st.

The artists transformed the remarkable architecture designed by Antonio Citterio into a forest of immense floral murals reminiscent of the Oasi Zegna. The larger-than-life murals were inspired by the artists’ research undertaken in the Heberlein Fund, a vast printed textile collection conserved by the Zegna Archive. At the centerpiece of the setting is a life-size tree floor drawing, whose branches lead visitors to thefood stations, where the famous chef Davide Oldani served a menu of sustainable delicacies. Choosing timely convivial moments to discuss sustainable issues, Lucy + Jorge Orta have created a limited edition of Royal Limoges porcelain, to provoke debates between guests, and to support the restoration of the Punta Mesco area in Italy. For each artwork sold a row of vines will be planted, bearing the name of each «owner».

For Fabulae Naturae, Lucy + Jorge Orta create a true ode to wildlife. Along side the immense kaleidoscope of murals, the artists staged Symphony for Absent Wildlife, a visual and audio installation, to intensify the feeling of stepping into a fairy tale world, inhabited by fictional creatures of the forest. The three-dimensional sound-scape is conceived as a dichotomy between a ‘false’ orchestra of flutists acting in a symphony for nature and a ‘true’ orchestra consisting of bird whistles. Each musician wears a tailcoat and mask, in the form of a woodland creature tailored from reclaimed felt blankets.

Fabulae Naturae is a new episode of the art and food performances that Lucy + Jorge Orta have presented in cities around the world since 1997, in which they connect art, nutrition and ethical themes. Watch the video clip.

 Fabulae Romanae on show in Australia

Fabulae Romanae on show in Australia

05 March 2015 - 11 April 2015
RMIT Design Hub Melbourne, Group exhibition

Studio Orta is happy to announce the presentation of the large screen projection Fabulae Romanae by Lucy + Jorge Orta, in the exhibition Fashion Performance: Materiality, Meaning, Media at the Design Hub in Melbourne from March 5 to April 11, 2015.

Curated by Jessica Bugg, (Deputy Head, Research School of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT University) and Anna-Nicole Ziesche (Research Fellow at London College Fashion), the exhibition Materiality, Meaning, Media considers the intersection of fashion and performance.  By focusing on the shared understanding of clothing and the body as well as the similarity of methodologies in experimental fashion, performance design and communication, the work of the artists presented reveals the hybrid nature of these two disciplines.

Fabulae Romanae, a performance filmed on location in Rome, portrays a symbolic excursus across the famous Italian city, through the eyes of ten ethereal ‘spirits’ who draw from archaeological and historical research, and observations on the city’s socio-cultural map. Clothed in unusual attire, the characters, contemporary sentinels, silently take over the urban fabric. 
We encounter the Traveller laden down by an accumulation of baggage under the Castel Sant'Angelo bridge and again, in the Trastevere back streets, the former Jewish quarter; the Observer overlooks the panorama of the Sacro Cuore dei Monti and the river banks of the Isola Tiberina; the Tunneler and the Myth Maker are to be found in the grounds of an ancient Roman villa in the Gregoriana Park along side the Flying Man, Chariot Rider, Memory Man, and Bale Maker. The overlapping fables of the performers’ meanderings are narrated in English and Italian, through the verses of a poem written by Mario Petrucci, commissioned by the artists specifically for the film.

Fashion Performance: Materiality, Meaning, Media is part of the cultural program for Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.


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