Interrelations - Life Guard

Date: 2020
Ref: 9000.02
Materials: Military ambulance, 4 stretcher beds and 24 Life Guards (painted steel structure, linen, cotton, webbing)
Dimensions: Installation variable with ambulance 490 x 200 x 260h cm and each Life Guard 65 x 195 x 70h cm
Exhibition history: 2020 Les Tanneries cenre d'art contemporain, Amilly, France
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta. Photography Aurélien Mole

This installation is one of three –matrix sets– that was created for the Great Hall of Les Tanneries centre for contemporary art in Amilly, France. Entitled Life Line, it reactivates the artists' interest in the increasing fragility of human populations by associating a military ambulance with a large deployment of customised camp beds. These new Life Guards are designed as genuine individual refuges, echoing the Refuge Wear of Lucy Orta in the 1990s. While questioning the fragility and precariousness of the body and of human nature, the artist also underlines resilience and outbursts of solidarity.

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