Studio Orta Les Moulins

Lieu-dit Le Moulin Sainte-Marie
rue des Papeteries, 77169 Boissy-le-Châtel, France

Studio Orta Les Moulins was founded by Lucy + Jorge Orta, in 2000, in the historical birth place of the French paper industry, the former Papeteries du Marais. Located along an 8km stretch of the Grand Morin river valley (map) the complex of industrial heritage buildings that now comprise Les Moulins include, the Moulin Sainte-Marie, Moulin de Boissy, Moulin La Vacherie and La Laiterie. The artists established Les Moulins as collective project, dedicated to the development of new forms of contemporary art. Over years of careful restoration the complex of factories set within landscaped grounds and a sculpture park have become a veritable cultural laboratory of artist studios, workshops, residencies, exhibition and performance venues. Studio Orta and Les Moulins have hosted artists and researchers from around the world, to imagine artworks that resonate with the history of the place and to re-imagine the future.

Studio Orta Les Moulins is open to the general public twice a year. For further details of the open-days please subscribe to our newsletter below.

Studio Orta Les Moulins | Historic research centre | Original Rive d'Arches paper mill
Studio Orta Les Moulins | Vallée du Grand Morin, Seine-et-Marne
Studio Orta Les Moulins | Artist workshops and production facilities | Former sewage plant
Studio Orta Les Moulins | Studio facilities | Former paper mill sewage plant
Studio Orta Les Moulins | Exhibition spaces | Former carpentry and mechanic workshops
Studio Orta Les Moulins | Maison des Artistes social space | Former clinic and canteen
Studio Orta Les Moulins | Guest house and artist residencies | Former caretaker house
Studio Orta Les Moulins | Future artist live-work studios | Former power generator
Studio Orta Les Moulins | Exhibition Space | Former electricity turbine hall
Studio Orta Les Moulins | Headquarters and studios | Former paper mill sewage plant
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