Publication Publisher Title Author Date Language Type
(IN)Habitable? L’art de environnments extremes Maison European de Photographie, Festival @rt Outsiders 10 Antarctic Village Bureaud, Annick; Soret, Jean-Luc 2009 English / french Exhibition Catalogue
9th Havana Biennale, Cuba LCF My Own Public Heterotopia Cairns, Stephen 2006 English Exhibition catalogue
9th Havana Biennale, Cuba UAL London College Fashion Body Boundaries Entwistle, Joanne 2006 English Book Essay
9th Shanghai Biennale: Reactivation Davide Quadrio, Shanghai Lucy + Jorge Orta Xu, Jiang 2012 English | Chinese Exhibition catalogue
A Better Future by Design Design Indaba Art Fashion and Social Consciousness Naidoo, Ravi 2008 English Magazine essay
Aesthetica - Review of Lucy + Jorge Orta at Yorkshire Sculpture Park Potts, Daniel 2013, Sep. 4 English Online magazine article
AFP Fil Gen A la Villette, des artistes exposent leurs "solutions" aux crises écologiques Unknown 2014, May 22 French Newspaper article
Ailleurs | Somewhere Else Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton Antarctica Ardenne, Paul 2011 French / English Exhibition catalogue
AM Arts Adelaide Matters Heartfelt - 2010, Mar. English Magazne article
Ama Ama Les couples d'artistes : quand l'art et l'amour sont intimement mêlés - 2015, Apr. 16 French Magazine article
Ama - L'art au coeur de la transition écologique - 2015, Dec. 3 French Magazine article
AnOther - Lucy Orta On the Politics and Power of Food as Art Seymour, Harry 2016, Jul. 14 English Web article
AnOther - How to Use Art to Save the Oceans Seymour, Harry 2016, 7 Apr. English Online Magazine Article
Another Online - Who, What, Why - Fabulae Romanae: ZegnArt at the MAXXI Wrigley, Tish 2012, Spring English Article
Antarctica Mondadori Electa White Continent / Blank Canvas Memolli, Mariano 2008 English Book essay
Antarctica Mondadori Electa Antarctica Pietromarchi, Bartolomeo 2008 English Book essay
Antarctica Mondadori Electa A Cyberpunk Landscape:Snapshots of ‘the Mad Max Phase of globalization De Cauter, Lieven 2008 English Book essay
Antarctica Mondadori Electa Antarctica Without Borders Sacca Abadi, Corinne 2008 English Book essay
Antarctica Mondadori Electa Un paesaggio cyberpunk. Istantanee dalla fase Mad Max della globalizzazione De Cauter, Lieven 2008 Italian Book essay
Architectural Review Architectural Review, London, No 65 Body Architecture Crosling, John 1998, Spring English article
Art & Architecture Journal No 62, Summer, London Lucy Orta: Art, Fashion and Mobility. Temporary interventions in Space Townsend, Chris 2005 English Journal article
Art & Australia Art & Australia 47 Lucy Orta: The artist as enabler Papastergiadis, Nikos 2009, Summer, no. 2 English Journal essay
Art Actuel - Lucy + Jorge Orta de Bourbon Parme, Aude 2014, May 1 French Magazine article
Art Grandeur Nature 2008 Forum Blanc Mesnil Antarctica Joly, Eric 2008 French Exhibition catalogue
Art Press Art Press No Spécial 18, Paris Architectures Corporelles Guillaume, Valérie 1997 French Interview
Art Press - Je hais les couples Crenn, Julie 2013, Nov. English | French Magazine article
Art Review - Art as Fashion Gabrielli, Paolo 2004 English Article
Artaïssime #18 - Métamorphose inclusive Oggioni, David 2018, Jan.-Apr. French Online Magazine Article
Arte - All’Hangar Biocca gli Orta Capellli, Pia 2008, Apr. Italian Magazine article
Arte e Critica - Lucy + Jorge Orta Moralto, Rossella 2008, June-Aug. Italian/English Magazine article
Arte e Critica - La Volta di Lucy + Jorge Orta all’hangar Bicocca di Milano - 2008, May Italian -
Arte e Critica, 53 - Antarctica: An Emblematic Village Bigi, Daniea 2007 Italian Interview
Artension Artension, no.99 Poetes Engages Girault, Maria 2010, Jan-Feb French Journal article
Artension Artension Les Orta - jusqu'au 21 septembre Unknown 2014, Jul. 1 French Magazine article
Artnet News - This British Artist Teamed Up With Prisoners to Commemorate Women’s Suffrage in the UK Pes, Javier 2018, June 5 English Online Magazine Article
Arts Libre Arts Libre Interrogations en forme d'écologie artistique Lorent, Claude 2014, Nov. 14 French Journal article
Arts Libre Arts Libre L'écologie par Lucy + Jorge Orta Turine, Roger Pierre 2014, Nov. 20 French Newspaper article
Arts Magazine Arts Magazine n.91 Lucy + Jorge Orta. Le Havre ville monde Unknown 2014, Oct. French Journal article
Avvenire Avvenire Gli Orta in Antartide, l’ultima terra senza confini nazionalistici Meneguzzo, Marco 2008, Apr. 8 Italian Magazine article
AW AW Lucy + Jorge Orta - Light Works - 2010, Nov English Journal review
Aware: Art Fashion Identity Damiani editore, Milan Questioning Identity Orta, Lucy 2010 English Book essay, editor
Azimuts 34 Revue de Design Vetements vehicules Fluck, Apolline 2010, printemps English / French Journal Article
BBC Mundo BBC Amazonia: arte para salvar al planeta Martins, Alejandra 2010 Spanish Online exhibition review
Beaux-Arts - Women House "La maison selon elles" Djurado, Léa; Flouquet, Sophie; Hindry, Ann; Lavrador, Judicaël; Lequeux, Emmanuelle; Poli, Gabrielle 2017, Oct. French Magazine article
BLM 02>10 Mousse Publishing Lucy + Jorge Orta Casarin, C.; Coletto, F.; Meneghel, E.; Vettese, A. 2010 English/Italian Exhibition Catalogue
Blueprint Blueprint No 150, London Lucy Orta Sanders, Mark 1998, May English article
Body Architecture Silke Schreiber Verlag, Munich Introduction: Lucy Orta’s Nexus Architecture Miller, Margaret 2003 English Book essay
Body Architecture Silke Schreiber Verlag, Munich Conversations avec Lucy Orta Dellinger, Jade 2003 French Interview
Body Architecture Silke Schreiber Verlag, Munich Intimate distances: Space, Society, Humanity and Hope – The Work of Lucy Orta Quinn, Bradley 2003 English Book essay
Body Architecture Silke Schreiber Verlag, Munich Distance Intimes : Espace, société, humanitaire et espoir Quinn, Bradley 2003 French Book essay

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