Publication Publisher Title Author Date Language Type
Dress Code Iselp, Bruxelles Coutures urbaines et fractures sociales Essche, Eric Van 2009, May French Exhibition catalogue
Motive Gallery Amsterdam Motive Gallery Amsterdam Amazonia Arends, Bergit 2011 English Exhibition catalogue
BLM 02>10 Mousse Publishing Lucy + Jorge Orta Casarin, C.; Coletto, F.; Meneghel, E.; Vettese, A. 2010 English/Italian Exhibition Catalogue
Nouveau Dictionnaire des Artistes Contemporains Larousse, Paris Lucy + Jorge Orta Thorel, le, Pascale 2010 French Exhibition Catalogue
Living - Lucy + Jorge Orta: Wandering Scardi, Gabi 2011 English Exhibition Catalogue
DrinkWater ! Gli Ori Italy Drinkwater ! : The Citizenship of Art Ardenne, Paul 2005 English Exhibition catalogue
9th Shanghai Biennale: Reactivation Davide Quadrio, Shanghai Lucy + Jorge Orta Xu, Jiang 2012 English | Chinese Exhibition catalogue
Glasstress: White Light | White Heat London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London Lucy and Jorge Orta – Perpetual Amazonia: Tree of Life Putnam, James; Berengo, Adrian 2013 English Exhibition catalogue
The Future of Fashion is Now Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Fashion Activism : Community and Politics - Lucy + Jorge Orta Teunissen, José 2014, Oct. English Exhibition catalogue
Galerie Valérie Bach Galerie Valérie Bach Lucy + Jorge Orta - 2014, Nov. 7 French / English / Dutch Exhibition catalogue
Economie Humaine HEC Economie Humaine Ardenne, Paul; Delval, Anne-Valérie 2015 French Exhibition Catalogue
Fashion as Social Energy Connecting Cultures Fashion as Social Energy Detheridge, Anna and Scarbi, Gabi 2015 Italian, English Exhibition Catalogue
Galerie Valérie Bach, Brussels Galerie Valérie Bach, Brussels Force of Nature Putnam, James 2016, May French, English Exhibition catalogue
Home Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth Australia An archaeology of the social link Smith, Trevor 2000 English Exhibition catalogue essay
The Telegraph Newspaper - Fallujah, The Old Truman Brewery London Cavendish, Dominic 2007, May English Exhibition Review
Online News - Politics of Fear, ALbion Gallery London Eldridge-Ford, Ashley 2007 English Exhibition Review
New York Times New York Times Newspaper Fallujah. An Assault in Iraq, a Stage Hit in London Perlez, Jane 2007 English Exhibition review
The Observer UK The Observer, U.K. Be Prepared Cooke, Rachel 2007 English Exhibition Review
Canvas Guide Canvas When Fashion Meets Art and Art Meets Fashion Chukri, Tala 2010, Dec 2 English Exhibition review
Collective Space Ixia - Article Press UK 70 x 7 The Meal Prince, Nigel 2006 English Interview
Lucy Orta: Phaidon Phaidon Press, London contemporary artist series Esthétique en Fonctionnement Bourriaud, Nicolas 2003 French Interview
Lucy Orta: Phaidon Phaidon Press, UK contemporary artist series Paul Virilio in conversation with Lucy Orta, 1995 Virilio, Paul 2003 English Interview
Body Architecture Silke Schreiber Verlag, Munich Conversations avec Lucy Orta Dellinger, Jade 2003 French Interview
Art Press Art Press No Spécial 18, Paris Architectures Corporelles Guillaume, Valérie 1997 French Interview
The Super Modern Wardrobe V & A publications, UK The Super Modern Wardrobe Bolton, Andrew 2002 English Interview
SHOWstudio A discussion with artist Lucy Orta Stewart, Christabel 2004 English Interview
Pattern Book: an introduction to collaborative practices Black Dog Publishing Participation, Becoming, Action Graham, Janna 2007 English Interview
Arte e Critica, 53 - Antarctica: An Emblematic Village Bigi, Daniea 2007 Italian Interview
Kunstforum International Kunstforum International Kelider Machen Identitaten Jocks, Heinz- Norbert 2009, Jun.-Jul. German Interview
Food Water Life Princeton Architectural Press · New York Conversation with Lucy + Jorge Orta Hanru, Hou 2011 English Interview
Royal Academy Magazine Royal Academy of the Arts London Fashion Statements Luke, Ben 2010, winter English Interview
Canvas Guide Canvas Questioning Identity Orta, Lucy 2010, Dec 2 English Interview
Clouds | Nuages - Lucy + Jorge Orta Damiani editore, Milan Interview Valerie Knochel Abecassis with Lucy + Jorge Orta Orta, Lucy+ Jorge 2012 English / French Interview
Canvas Guide Canvas Aware: Art Fashion Identity Orta, Lucy 2011, Dec. 2 English Interview
Unlimited Bodies / Corps sans limite Carlet, Condé-sur-Noireau Lucy + Jorge Orta Lefèvre, Jérôme 2012 French Interview
Panorama - Extra Matarrese, Antonella 2012, Mar. 28 Italian Interview
Carbon 12: Art & Changement Climatique Somogy éditions d'art, Paris Amazonia: Lucy + Jorge Orta Orta, Lucy + Jorge 2012 English / French Interview
Lucy Orta: Phaidon Phaidon Press, London contemporary art series Lucy Orta in correspondance with Nicolas Bourriaud Bourriaud, Nicolas 2003 English Interview
Home Cultures Vol 2, Issue 2, Berg, UK Lucy Orta Melhuish, Clare 2005 English Journal article
Art & Architecture Journal No 62, Summer, London Lucy Orta: Art, Fashion and Mobility. Temporary interventions in Space Townsend, Chris 2005 English Journal article
Contemporary - Lucy Orta Thackara, Davina 2006 English Journal article
Monument - Corporeal Limits Bralic, John 2001 English Journal article
Broadsheet Contemporary Visual Art & Culture Between Art and Action Gowronski, Alex 2010, Mar. English Journal article
Artension Artension, no.99 Poetes Engages Girault, Maria 2010, Jan-Feb French Journal article
Azimuts 34 Revue de Design Vetements vehicules Fluck, Apolline 2010, printemps English / French Journal Article
Evolve Natural History Museum London Amazonia Arends, Bergit 2010, Oct. 12 English Journal article
Metro Metro Shining a light on colourful process Dawson, Amy 2011, Jan. 12 English Journal article
Cura Moving produzioni societa ccoperativa, Rome Lucy + Jorge Orta Paissan, Constanza 2011, Spring/Summer English / Italian Journal article
Le Quotidien de l'Art - Un art Anthropocène Rioux, Christophe 2014, May 16 French Journal Article
Le Quotidien de l'art Le Quotidien de l'art Le Havre de paix Rioux, Christophe 2014, Sep. 26 French Journal article
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