Publication Publisher Title Author Date Language Type
New York Times New York Times Newspaper Fallujah. An Assault in Iraq, a Stage Hit in London Perlez, Jane 2007 English Exhibition review
Pattern Book: an introduction to collaborative practices Black Dog Publishing Chance Encounters Tallant, Sally 2007 English Book essay
The Observer UK The Observer, U.K. Be Prepared Cooke, Rachel 2007 English Exhibition Review
9th Havana Biennale, Cuba UAL London College Fashion Body Boundaries Entwistle, Joanne 2006 English Book Essay
Antarctica Mondadori Electa White Continent / Blank Canvas Memolli, Mariano 2008 English Book essay
The Guardian The Guardian, 1 June Balloons in Fallujah Holmes, Jonathan 2007 English Newspaper article
Antarctica Mondadori Electa Antarctica Pietromarchi, Bartolomeo 2008 English Book essay
Lucy + Jorge Orta. Light Works Black Dog Publishing Printing with Light Salgado, Gabriela 2010 English Book Essay
Artnet News - This British Artist Teamed Up With Prisoners to Commemorate Women’s Suffrage in the UK Pes, Javier 2018, June 5 English Online Magazine Article
Antarctica Mondadori Electa A Cyberpunk Landscape:Snapshots of ‘the Mad Max Phase of globalization De Cauter, Lieven 2008 English Book essay
Antarctica Mondadori Electa Antarctica Without Borders Sacca Abadi, Corinne 2008 English Book essay
A Better Future by Design Design Indaba Art Fashion and Social Consciousness Naidoo, Ravi 2008 English Magazine essay
Process of Transformation, Lucy Orta Jean Michel Place, Paris HortiRecycling, All in One Basket Budney, Jen 1999 English Essay
Urban Climate Change at the Crossroads Columbia University, Urban Design Lab of the Earth Institute The Antarctica Project Orta, Jorge 2008 English Conference paper
Pot Luck: Food and Art Art Touring Circuit - Morrison-Bell, C 2009 English Exhibition catalogue
Sublime Sublime Into the Amazon's earth Hambly, Vivienne 2009, Oct. English Magazine article
Broadsheet Contemporary Visual Art & Culture Between Art and Action Gowronski, Alex 2010, Mar. English Journal article
Art & Australia Art & Australia 47 Lucy Orta: The artist as enabler Papastergiadis, Nikos 2009, Summer, no. 2 English Journal essay
The Hub LCF, University of the Arts London If only we wanted to Carbonara, Simonetta 2009, Feb. English Research journal
The Hub LCF, University of the Arts London Wandering – EU-Roma Gypsies Palestra, Camilla; Scardi, Gabi 2010 English Research journal
Natural History Museum Contemporary Art Program at the Natural History Museum Amazonia Arends, Bergit 2010, Oct. 2 - Dec. 15 English Exhibition catalogue
Lucy + Jorge Orta. Light Works Black Dog Publishing Language of Light Putnam, James 2010 English Book Essay
Evolve Natural History Museum London Amazonia Arends, Bergit 2010, Oct. 12 English Journal article
Tree Hugger Discovery Company Amazonia: Celebrating Biodiversity an Explosion of Colour Oppenheim, Leonora 2010, Nov. 2 English Online journal
Aware: Art Fashion Identity Damiani editore, Milan Questioning Identity Orta, Lucy 2010 English Book essay, editor
Motive Gallery Amsterdam Motive Gallery Amsterdam Amazonia Arends, Bergit 2011 English Exhibition catalogue
Food Water Life Princeton Architectural Press, New York If Only We Wanted To! Carbonaro, Simonetta 2011 English Book essay, foreward
Food Water Life Princeton Architectural Press · New York Conversation with Lucy + Jorge Orta Hanru, Hou 2011 English Interview
Food Water Life Princeton Architectural Press, New York Subject = Object: Antarctic Village—No Borders Hoos Fox, Judith and Ginger Gregg Duggan 2011 English Book essay
Food Water Life Princeton Architectural Press, New York Food Service: Setting the Table Lupton, Ellen 2011 English Book essay
Food Water Life Princeton Architectural Press, New York The work of Lucy + Jorge Orta Ryan, Zoe 2011 English Book essay
Food Water Life Princeton Architectural Press · New York Life Science: OrtaWater Ryan, Zoe 2011 English Book Essay
AW AW Lucy + Jorge Orta - Light Works - 2010, Nov English Journal review
Canvas Guide Canvas When Fashion Meets Art and Art Meets Fashion Chukri, Tala 2010, Dec 2 English Exhibition review
Crafts Crafts Council Cut from a different cloth Love, Emma 2010 English Magazine article
FT Weekend Financial Times Red Iace, Joan of Arc - and security guards as interactive art Coles, Alex 2010, Dec. 10 English Magazine article
Metro Metro Shining a light on colourful process Dawson, Amy 2011, Jan. 12 English Journal article
The Third Ray The Third Ray Amazonia - Lucy + Jorge Orta at the Natural History Museum, London - 2010, Nov. 11 English Magazine article
Royal Academy Magazine Royal Academy of the Arts London Fashion Statements Luke, Ben 2010, winter English Interview
The New Waver Autrement, Paris Appeal to humanity - June 18 2010 Changeux, Jean-Pierre 2011 English Magazine article
Living - Lucy + Jorge Orta: Wandering Scardi, Gabi 2011 English Exhibition Catalogue
AM Arts Adelaide Matters Heartfelt - 2010, Mar. English Magazne article
Canvas Guide Canvas Questioning Identity Orta, Lucy 2010, Dec 2 English Interview
Professorial Platform University of the Arts London Operational Aesthetics Orta, Lucy 2011 English Key note conference paper
DrinkWater ! Gli Ori Italy Drinkwater ! : The Citizenship of Art Ardenne, Paul 2005 English Exhibition catalogue
Fabulae Romanae Marsilio, Milan Failing Better Biondillo, Gianni 2012 English Book essay
Fabulae Romanae Marsilio, Milan Wanderlust Frisa, Maria-Luisa 2012 English Book essay
Canvas Guide Canvas Aware: Art Fashion Identity Orta, Lucy 2011, Dec. 2 English Interview
Press Release Press Release Amazonia Roberts, Sam 2010, Oct. 6 English Magazine article
The Business Times Weekend - Art of branding Cheah Ui-Hoon 2012, Spring English Article
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