Publication Editeur Titre Auteur Date Langage Type
Seine & Marne Seine & Marne, December 2007, n.20 Un Moulin qui a l'art de surprendre - 2007 French Newspaper article
La Capital La Capital Arte en el fin del Mundo Farina, Fernando 2007, May 6 Spanish Newspaper article
Il Venderedi di Republica - Dal Polo Sus la mostra glaciale che affronta temi scottanti - 2008, Mar. Italian Newspaper article
Visioni - Antartide, il continente dell’utopia no borders Di Genova, Arianna 2008, Apr. 3 - Newspaper article
Pagina La Pagina Dos vertientes de la idea del fin Tunon, Jose Luis 2007, Apr. 3 Spanish Newspaper article
Dushikuaibao - Art Zhu, Joe 2012, Sep. 27 Chinese Newspaper article
The Art Newspaper Umberto Allemandi & Co Publishing Ltd. High-wire art: contemporary commissions to replace Olympic Rings in St Pancras Ruiz, Cristina 2012, Nov. 27 English Newspaper article
La Croix - Ils sculptent pour la planète Réju, Emmanuelle 2012, Jun. 14 French Newspaper article
Tufts Daily - ‘Food-Water-Life’ defies modernist cliche Welch, Caroline 2012, Sep. 10 English Newspaper article
The Guardian Art Blog - Why St Pancras's Clouds sculptures are on the right track Jones, Jonathan 2013, Apr. 18 English Newspaper article
Huffington Post - We Don't Just Build Buildings: The Importance of Public Art in London Shaw, Nicola 2013, Jul. 6 English Newspaper article
The National - Lucy Orta brings her message to Abu Dhabi's TEDxWWF: One Planet Living Seaman, Anna 2013, May 18 English Newspaper article
The Independent - In the studio: Lucy and Jorge Orta, sculptors Wright, Karen 2013, Apr. 9 English Newspaper article
Philadelphia Inquirer - An art show with a free meal planned for fall Salisbury, Stephen 2013, Apr. 26 English Newspaper article
Philadelphia Inquirer - Phila. meal focuses attention on threatened plant species Terruso, Julia 2013, Oct. 4 English Newspaper Article
The Huffington Post - Public Art: A Dual Medium to Express the Aspirations and Problems in Society Orta, Lucy 2013 Sep. 30 English Newspaper article
Des fouilles pour un squelette mystérieux - Nord Eclair Gobé, Manon 2012, Jul. 5 French Newspaper article
Corriere Della Sera - Che cosa stanno preparando Lucy e Jorge Orta Pini, Francesca 2014, Sep. 12 Italian Newspaper Article
Le Monde - L'art "anthropocène", pas si facile Azimi, Roxana 2014, Sep. 13 French Newspaper Article
AFP Fil Gen A la Villette, des artistes exposent leurs "solutions" aux crises écologiques Unknown 2014, May 22 French Newspaper article
Télérama Sortir Lucy + Jorge Orta - Food/Water/Life Unknown 2014, Jul. 2 French Newspaper article
Libération - Le grand bol d'art climatique Schaub, Coralie 2014, Dec. 5 French Newspaper article
Le Quotidien de l'art Le Quotidien de l'art COP21 L'art rejoint l'écologie Azimi, Roxana 2015, Nov. 17 French Newspaper article
Le Monde Le Monde Les plasticiens de l'Antarctique Bolis, Angela 2015, Nov. 27 French Newspaper article
Arts Libre Arts Libre L'écologie par Lucy + Jorge Orta Turine, Roger Pierre 2014, Nov. 20 French Newspaper article
The New York Times - In Paris, Art confronts 2 crises Peltier, Elian 2015, Dec. 9 English Newspaper article
The New York Times Style Magazine - An Antarctic Art Project, Complete With Fake Passports Baumgardner, Julie 2016, Jan. 14 English Newspaper article
Il Manifesto Il Manifesto Un kit per la libera sopravvivenza De Leonardis, Manuela 2016, Feb. 9 Italian Newspaper article
Financial Times (unpublished) - Antarctica World Passport Bureau, COP21 Grand Palais Paris Harris, Gareth 2015 English Newspaper article
Phaidon - Lucy Orta talks us through her 2017 Frieze Project Lucy Orta 2017, Sep. English Online Article
BBC Mundo BBC Amazonia: arte para salvar al planeta Martins, Alejandra 2010 Spanish Online exhibition review
Tree Hugger Discovery Company Amazonia: Celebrating Biodiversity an Explosion of Colour Oppenheim, Leonora 2010, Nov. 2 English Online journal
Elephant Elephant Insider Art: What it Means to Make Art in Prison Forshaw, Siobhan 2020, June 01 English Online Journal
Aesthetica - Review of Lucy + Jorge Orta at Yorkshire Sculpture Park Potts, Daniel 2013, Sep. 4 English Online magazine article
Independent - Arts group Metal host modern take on pagan harvest festival Clark, Nick 2015, Sep. 20 English Online Magazine Article
Style Cho Sun - The Authentic Moves - 2015, Sep. Korean Online Magazine Article
AnOther - How to Use Art to Save the Oceans Seymour, Harry 2016, 7 Apr. English Online Magazine Article
Artaïssime #18 - Métamorphose inclusive Oggioni, David 2018, Jan.-Apr. French Online Magazine Article
Artnet News - Lucy Orta Teamed Up With Prisoners to Commemorate Women’s Suffrage in the UK Pes, Javier 2018, June 5 English Online Magazine Article
Untitled Miami 2017 Jane Lombard Lucy + Jorge Orta - 2017, Dec. 6 English Press release
The Hub LCF, University of the Arts London If only we wanted to Carbonara, Simonetta 2009, Feb. English Research journal
The Hub LCF, University of the Arts London Wandering – EU-Roma Gypsies Palestra, Camilla; Scardi, Gabi 2010 English Research journal
The Tampa Tribune The Tampa Tribune Lucy Orta: Global Gear Milani, Joanne 2001, Nov. 25 English review
Lucy Orta: Phaidon Phaidon Press, UK contemporary artist series Collective Intelligence: The Work of Lucy Orta Pinto, Roberto 2003 English Survey Essay
Lucy Orta: Phaidon Phaidon Press, UK contemporary artist series The Human Element: 70 x 7 The Meal Damianovic, Maia 2003 English Survey Essay
Parisart Parisart Lucy et Jorge Orta - Food/Water/Life O Sullivan, Dereen 2014, Jul. 8 French Web article
In the MuCity Les arborescences de Lucy + Jorge Orta de Crayencour, Muriel 2014, Nov. 15 French Web article
AnOther - Lucy Orta On the Politics and Power of Food as Art Seymour, Harry 2016, July 14 English Web article
Telegraph Peterborough - Food, glorious food - and art at major exhibition in Peterborough - 2016, Sept. 09 English Web article
Candid - Food for thought? Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food, at City Gallery, Peterborough Seymour, Harry 2016, Sep. 26 English Web Article
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