Studio Orta - For a Contextual Art | Brussels

For a Contextual Art | Brussels

16 January 2022 - 26 February 2022
Frédérick Mouraux Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Solo Exhibition

For a Contextual Art is the first solo exhibition of Lucy + Jorge Orta in the Frédérick Mouraux Gallery, Brussels. The work on show provides insight into concepts that act as keystones of their collaborative practice.

The turbulent social and political landscape during the Argentine military regime from 1972-1984, marked Jorge’s formative years of practice. As well as exploring the new visual languages of performance, video-art, mail-art and tactile poetry, a new genre of painting served as a medium to counteract mounting injustices and to affirm a Latin American identity.
Divided into two, the first part of the exhibition presents four different series of coded paintings that evolved out of this particular context, Geometría Contextual 1972, Trazado De Indias and Triangular AAA both 1973, and Derrame from 1997. The second part includes editioned works –vitrines, tactile poems, reliquaries– that further the artists’ preoccupation with widening access to and reaching new audiences, through poetic objects that can be used on a daily basis.

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