Anticipation Accessory

Studio Orta - 0222.04
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Studio Orta - 0322
Studio Orta - 0322
Studio Orta - 0322
Studio Orta - 0222

Date: 2010
Ref: 0222.04
Materials: Webbing, clips, kits, various objects, silkscreen print
Dimensions: 60l x 40 x 20cm
Exhibition history: 2022 The Glucksman, Cork, Ireland; 2020 Etages Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010 Royal Academy of the Arts London, UK
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

The Anticipation Accessory kits reference Lucy Orta’s longstanding interest in wearble objects that enable communication and interaction between strangers. Suspended from each kit is a selection of seemingly ordinary objects that at closer inspection reference various states of emergency: water and food shortages, the loss of love and affection, pollution or environmental disasters. A series of eight pieces, commissioned by the Royal Academy of the Arts London were worn occasionally by the security guards during the exhbition 'Aware: Art Fashion and Identity', co-curated by Lucy Orta (2010). Their alteration in status from object to accessory provided a platform for the guards to initiate discussions with the visitors attending the exhibition.