70 x 7 The Meal Act X, Napa Valley

Studio Orta - 0600.10.00.jpg
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Studio Orta - 0600.10_02.jpg

Date: 2002
Ref: 0600.10
Materials: Trailer, steel structure, wood, seven cushions, light projectors, 70 x 7 table runner, seven 70 x 7 Royal Limoges plates, telescopic table
Dimensions: 290 x 1200 x 200 cm (table variable dimensions)
Catalogued: 2014 Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food Water Life. Actes Sud, Arles; 2010 Food Water Life: Princeton Architectural Press, USA; Lucy Orta: 2002 Phaidon Press, UK
Exhibition history: 2014 Parc de la Villette, Paris, France; 2005 The Curve Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK; 2001 American Centre for Wine Food and the Arts, Napa Valley, USA
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

This mobile 70 x 7 The Meal dining table seats seven people and is built into a simple galvanised steel trailer, which can be hitched to the back of any vehicle. Pictured here is a version with an extendible 'scissor' table that allows for a flexible amounts of guests to join. The work as commissioned for the inaugural exhibition 'Active Ingredients' at COPIA, The American Center for Wine Food and the Arts in Napa Valley, USA and was designed for itinerant meals for migrant communities working in the Californian vineyards.