Amazonia - Window on the World

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Date: 2009
Ref: 5501
Materials: Wooden window frame with shutters, Lambda photographs laminated Dibond, 20 plasma bottles
Dimensions: 90 x 25 x 100cm
Catalogued: Unfold, Springer Wien New York, 2010, p. 80
Exhibition history: 2009 Palazzo Strozzi, Italy
Courtesy: Courtesy of the Artists

Windows and vitrines are focal points drawing our attention to a specific subject or issue. They usually find a photographic reference and a series of metaphorical objects inside or suspended from the structures. The shutters and panes of this antique Spanish window frame have been replaced by photography the artists undertook in the Peruvian Amazon, in 2009. The succession of shutters reveals the changing (fragile) Amazon landscape in an Alice-in-Wonderland journey that concludes with a row of miniature sample bottles.