Manifesto Stamp - Utopie Fondatrice

Studio Orta - 01_Utopie
Studio Orta - 05_Utopie
Studio Orta - 03_Utopie

Date: 1984 - 2014
Ref: 00012
Materials: Polychrome wood, base engraved in bronze
Dimensions: 30 x 40 x 100 cm
Exhibition history: 2014 Parc de la Villette Paris, France
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

Throughout the 1970-80’s Jorge Orta stamped his artworks with slogans, which were then subsequently distributed through a number of alternative artistic circuits. The cast bronze plaque at the base of the wooden stamp is the title of one of his manifestos. Working in collaboration since the 1990’s, Lucy + Jorge Orta continue to build on the founding principles of these early manifestos.