70 x 7 The Meal act X, Napa Valley

Studio Orta - 0621_Napa

Date: 2001
Ref: 0621
Materials: Manufacture Royal Limoges porcelain plates, 4 color enamel. Edition of 210 plates, dated and signed by the artist
Dimensions: 27cm diameter
Courtesy: Courtesy of the Artists

70 x 7 The Meal act X, Napa Valley included an installation and dinner to inaugurate COPIA - The American Center for Wine Food and the Arts in Napa Valley, California. The installation in the center included an extending 'scissor table' adorned with the limited edition Royal Limoges procelain plates, commissioned for the occasion. The table was attached to the mobile sculpture M.I.U., a trailer complete with integrated table and benches, which could be hitched onto a vehicle and travel across Napa Valley, to stage itinerant dining experiences in the Californian vineyards.

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