Date: 2011
Ref: 0646.02
Materials: 6 cast aluminium milk containers, epoxy paint, glass
Dimensions: 80 x 16 x 80cm
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

Milk is unique in its simplicity and directness. Milk is a staple of nutritional health in many diets. This artwork was inspired by the highly-symbolic advertising campaigns geared toward helping undernourished children in Peru “Vaso de Leche” (1992). But, these cast aluminum jugs, bottles, bags, and cartons do not hold any material, nor are they marked with significant texts or images. Rather, they are stripped of all labels and markings, revealing an aesthetic beauty born of functional design. Milk, especially apt because the artists’ studio outside Paris is partially housed in a former dairy, pays tribute to its container, a seemingly insignificant and neutral but essential utensil.

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