OrtaWater - Antarctica Fluvial Intervention Unit

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Date: 2008
Ref: 1357
Materials: Wooden row boat, painted steel, neon, light box, 15 bivouacs, diverse textiles, 5 projectors, tubing, girophare, copper pipes and taps, plasma bottles, clothes, nation flags
Dimensions: 522 x 180 x 350cm
Exhibition history: 2014 Parc de la Villette Paris, France; 2012 Palais Iéna Paris, France; 2008 Hangar Bicocca Milano, Italy; Galleria Continua Les Moulins, France
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

Antarctica Fluvial Intervention Unit combines two of the artists’ most significant bodies of work: Antarctica and OrtaWater. The assemblage is constructed from a tower of miniature sleeping bags, light projectors, and a wooden rowboat filled with glass plasma jars containing samples of clothes and flags, fragments of human identity. Inscribed around the boat is the text “The third millennium belongs to mankind, who dream of great things.” This work makes reference to issues of migration, identity, refuge and shelter.