Connector Body Architecture

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Date: 2004
Ref: 0710
Materials: Aluminium coated polyester, reversible Solden Lycra, open cell polyurethane, silkscreen print, zips
Dimensions: 1 unit contains 5 body suits 400 x 150 cm each (total 20 meters)
Exhibition history: 2005 Barbican Art Gallery London, UK; 2004 Arte all'Arte 9, Buonconvento, Italy; 2004 University of Brighton Gallery, UK
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

"The multi-functionality of architectural links as opposed to the symbolic links of fashion, have played an increasingly important role in recent works such as the Connector series of works which take their name from the link itself. The Connector series places increased emphasis on the links, that are now numbered, almost like street signs. The body suits that were first presented in the Collective Wear are here even more abstracted, with just hoods and sometimes arms left as visible signifiers of the body. It is almost as if the overarching logic of the work has now moved from the logic of fashion, to that of architecture to that of urban planning." (Trevor Smith)