Antarctic Village - No Borders

Date: 2006 - 2007
Ref: 0.3304
Materials: Pencil, pigment ink, water colour on Fabriano paper
Dimensions: 65 x 85 x 5cm (box framed)
Catalogued: Lucy + Jorge Orta: Antarctica, Electa Mondadori, pp. 120-122,
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

The Antarctic Village drawings depict Lucy + Jorge's responses to an artistic expedition they undertook to Antarctica in February-March 2007, to install their ephemeral sculpture 'Antarctic Village - No Borders', as part of their participation in the 1st End of the World Biennale. The watercolour drawings completed on their return record their poetic impressions to this incredible endeavor. The artists' playful iconography depict the dome-architectures dotted across the landscape, parachutes laden with vital supplies, bivouacs and life saving devices, which speak of a much greater urgency.
Antarctica's extreme conditions encourage mutual cooperation, it is a territory shared amongst nations for scientific research, for the artists, it is a safe haven and a symbol of peace; yet this fragile continent faces an imminent danger. Melting icecaps are the primary factor in rising sea levels, which are expected to rise one metre by 2100. The Antarctic continent contains 75% of the planet’s fresh water, of which 90% is ice. Antarctica has begun its irreversible decline.

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