Antarctica Drop Parachute

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Studio Orta - 5065
Studio Orta - 5065

Date: 2008
Ref: 5065
Materials: Steel frame, various textiles, flags, silkscreen print, webbing, Red Cross crate, various objects and kitchen utensils
Dimensions: 120cm diameter, suspended from ceiling at variable height
Exhibition history: 2008 Hangar Bicocca Milan, Italy
Courtesy: Collection of MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts Rome, Italy

The Drop Parachute sculpture descending from the sky is modelled after ones that are used to rapidly distribute vital humanitarian supplies, in inaccessible areas. Lucy + Jorge Orta’s drop parachute versions are constructed from a patchwork of fabrics and flags from different nations, with an array of objects such as water gourds, utensils, kitchen supplies or soft toys attached. The sculpture refers both to humanity’s physical and material survival as well as its spiritual needs, particularly the recovery of solidarity.