Body Architecture - Collective Wear Soweto

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Studio Orta - 0053
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Date: 1997
Ref: 0053
Materials: Tent membrane, second hand clothes from Soweto, 1 telescopic carbon armature, 5 aluminium poles, 6 copper joints
Dimensions: 350 x 200 x 200cm
Catalogued: p29 Phaidon Press, UK 2002
Exhibition history: 2020 ArtYard, Frenchtown, New Jersey, US; 2006 Gallery Continua Beijing, China; 2004 Lothringer 13 Munich, Germany; 1997 2nd Johanesburg Biennale, South Africa
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

Body Architecture - Collective Wear Soweto is constructed with an external tent membrane, over-stitched with fragments of used-clothes purchased from the community markets in Soweto, South Africa. Lucy Orta visited and worked with a group of women from the townships of Johannesburg to create the Nexus Architecture performance, for the 2nd Johannesburg Biennale in 1997.