Nexus Intervention with architecture students from the Technischen Universitat Berlin

Studio Orta - 2011

Date: 1998
Ref: 2011
Materials: Diptych Original Lambda colour photograph, laminated on Dibon (ed. 7)
Dimensions: 60h x 160w cm (60x80cm each)
Courtesy: The Artists

"Lucy’s work is an appeal to take on board a new relationship with the body. I recall that art has its origins in the body : dance and theatre, war-paint and tattoos. Lucy Orta’s work struck me as a style of rock painting inscribed on the body. Enveloped in Lucy’s overalls, the being bears witness to the threat towards the body. This threat is linked not only to problems of unemployment and precariousness, factors which, as an architect, interest me a lot, but also to the drowning of the body in virtuality, to the creation of clones, and to a remote intimacy. Lucy’s collective wear reminds me of collective body practices which exist in the world of survival. The survival of most animals depends on running with the pack. The concept of the pack is linked to animality. Lucy’s collective wear represents a denunciation of man’s return to the pack. At a time when we are told that men are free, emancipated, totally autonomous, she tells us that, on the contrary, there is a threat and that man is regrouping. We refer to this new phenomenon in terms of gangs, new tribes, commandos." Paul Virilio