Nexus Architecture x 50 Intervention Köln

Studio Orta - 2005.jpg

Date: 2001
Ref: 2005
Materials: Original Lamda colour photograph, laminated on Dibon (ed. 7)
Dimensions: 150 x 120cm
Catalogued: p24 Phaidon Press, UK 2002
Exhibition history: 2001 USF Contemporay Art Musem Tampa, USA
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

Conceived as a process that forges the possibility of collective action and collaboration into a combined force, the various emanations of Orta’s Nexus Architecture lead inwards towards a renewed level of social activism. As a series of interdependent sculptures, they manifest themselves as the result of a personal decision to re-enter a community structure as an act of liberty, which investigates the power of solidarity, through the symbolism of linkage. Orta’s body sculptures take on a social pertinence far beyond the parameters of a casual performance. Through a series of people dressed in the interconnected overalls we witness the birth of a new multi-faceted, multi-limbed formation joined together in a single human chain, sharing a common space. Mark Sanders