70 x 7 The Meal Act XXI, Neude Square Utrecht, 2005

Date: 2005
Ref: 0600.21
Matériaux: Table setting for 210 guests, Royal Limoges porcelain plates (Ed 210), silkscreen table runner (Ed 20 x 250cm)
Exhibition history: 2005 Neude Square, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta. Curated by Meta Knol

As part of the celebrations leading up to the anniversary of the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, the Centraal Museum in partnership with Pleinmuseum commissioned the twenty-first Act of 70 x 7 The Meal, an open-air pot-luck buffet in the bustling Neude Square of Utrecht, a popular district of bars and restaurants. Lucy + Jorge Orta chose to invite seven members of seven local multi-ethnic groups, who in turn invited members of their communities. For the menu, each guest brought home-cooked food, shared recipes and storytelling with passers-by as gestures of cooperation and friendship. The Royal Limoges edition and table runner created for the occasion emulated messages of peace through texts, symbols and poetry in different local languages.

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