OrtaWater - M.I.U

Studio Orta - 1313
Studio Orta - 1313
Studio Orta - 1313

Date: 2005
Ref: 1327
Matériaux: Mexican transport tricycle, metal structure, 3 children's beds, 2 Mexican water carafes, 6 bottles, 2 jerricans, plastic tube, 2 taps
Dimensions: 220 x 230 x 110cm
Exhibition history: 2012-2016 Tufts University Gallery, 2008 Hiroshima Contemporary Art Museum, Japan; Z33 Hasselt, Belgium; 2007 CEEAC Strasbourg
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

M.I.U. are prototype mobile intervention units that evoke the cycle of gathering, purifying and distributing water. The artists customize small urban vehicles like the Ape Piaggio or Mexican and Chinese tricycles, the Venetian transport trollies transform into portable fountains and garments are adapted to carry the precious liquid on foot. OrtaWater sculptures suggest poetic possibilities for sustainable water collection and dissemination in the future.