Connector Mobile Village VI - Makrowear Ljubjana

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Date: 2000 - 2002
Ref: 0706
Matériaux: Aluminium coated polyester, reversible Solden Lycra, open cell polyurethane, portable solar panel, silkscreen print, zips
Dimensions: 690 x 340cm
Catalogued: Cover / pp60,61 Lucy + Jorge Orta Pattern Book, Black Dog Publishing UK 2007; p 119 Lucy + Jorge Orta, Antarctica, Electa Italy 2008
Exhibition history: 2013 Hangzhou Fibre Triennial, China; 2005 University of Brighton Art Gallery, UK
Courtesy: Collection of the Artists

The sixth work in the series Connector was created during a residency on the Makrolab research station, which was located on Rottness Island, off the Western Coast of Australia. Founded by Slovenian artist Marko Peljhan, Makrolab is an autonomous communication, research and living unit, capable of sustaining the research of four people in isolation, for up to 120 days. Makrolab is equipped to accommodate artists, scientists, tactical media workers and creators and provides them with tools and means for their collaborative or independent experimental work. Lucy Orta spent seven days on the station to develop a series of detachable pods, which double up as comfortable Solden Lycra jackets, sleeping bags and flexible storage units for use inside the Makrolab. The solar panel can power a portable laptop and recharge a mobile phone, for use on lab expeditions. Imprinted onto the front of the jackets is an environmental charter based on a response to the location. The pods are interchangeable and further enhance the metaphor of the Connector structure, which provides mobility and inter-connections to an ever evolving modular ‘village’.