Body Architecture - Collective Wear x 8

Studio Orta - 0052
Studio Orta - 0052

Date: 1998
Ref: 0052
Matériaux: Polyamide tent, aluminium coated polyamide, various textiles, 3 x telescopic aluminium armatures, zippers
Dimensions: 400 x260 x 120cm
Catalogued: p28 Phaidon Press, UK 2002
Exhibition history: 2020 ArtYard, Frenchtown, New Jersey, US; 1999 Modern Art Museum Kyoto / Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Japan; 2006 Gallery Continua Beijing
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

Body Architecture - Collective Wear x 8 is a family enclosure created for ‘Visions of The Body’ at the National Art Museum in Kyoto, an exhibition which toured throughout Japan from 1998-1999. This seminal exhibition surveyed the radical transformation and perception of the body over the last 100 years. Lucy Orta's contribution explored ideas for detachable garments that combined together form a common enclosure, enabling a small nuclear family to zipper themselves on and off the external collective membrane, both respectful of the individual and collective body.