OPERA.tion Life Nexus act VIII

Date: 2002
Ref: 0017
Matériaux: Light based work on the Saint Eustache Cathedral
Exhibition history: Saint Eustache Cathedral, Paris, France
Courtesy: The artists

Commissioned by a department of the Health Ministry EFG (Etablissement Français des greffes), the XIII Light Works in the series OPERA.tion Life Nexus, was created for the open-air music festival La Fête de la Musique. The artists invited German composer Simon Stockhausen to create an original score based on their ongoing artistic research on the symbol of the heart. The facade of the church, undergoing renovation proved an interesting site for experimenting with light and live performance, as Stockhausen suspended his orchestra in the scaffolding above Les Halles’ gardens, a big shopping center in Paris.

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