Interrelations - Fragments of History

Date: 2020
Materials: Saviem military vehicle, various canteens and military crates, mixed media on canvas, stretcher frames, rope
Dimensions: Installation variable
Exhibition history: 2020 Les Tanneries centre for contemporary art, Amilly, France
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta and Les Tanneries – CAC, Amilly. Photography Aurélien Mole

This installation is one of three –matrix sets– that was immagined for the Great Hall of Les Tanneries centre for contemporary art in Amilly, France. Entitled Fragments of History, a series of objects, paintings and empty canvas frames are articulated around a Saviem military truck from the artists Mobile Intervention Unit Convoy series. The fifty paintings in different sizes, some as large as three-metres, evoke the action-paintings made by Jorge Orta during the dictatorial Argentina throughout the 1970s. The techniques of 'immersion' and 'derrame' partially smear the figurative elements of the paintings' abstract essence and hence become sensitive and fragmentary metaphors of a vacillating world.

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