Interrelations - Zille Purification Unit

Date: 2020
Ref: 1357.3
Materials: Zille boat, water purification system, steel, 7 bivouacs, 10 glass carafes, 2 water drums, jerrycans, diverse objects, 2 canteens
Dimensions: 700 x x 180 x 350h cm
Exhibition history: 2020 Les Tanneries centre for contemporary art, Amilly, France
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta. Photography Aurélien Mole

This installation is one of three –matrix sets– that was immagined for the Great Hall of Les Tanneries centre for contemporary art in Amilly, France. Entitled Zille Purification Unit, it constitutes the link both natural and symbolic between man and his environment, research on water cycles carried out by Lucy + Jorge Orta within the meta series OrtaWater. The zille river-boat equiped with a water purification machine is a “machine-architecture”, installed above the tanning vats of the original tannery. The work recalls the essential aspect of water in industrial activities and underlines its major role in the processes of population displacement. Lucy + Jorge Orta highlight the issues and challenges linked to the scarcity of drinking water while outlining the potential premises for a concrete solution.

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