Connector IV - Bunt City

Date: 2001
Ref: 0704
Materials: Collage, silkscreen print
Dimensions: 100 x 50cm
Catalogued: p62 Lucy Orta, Phaidon Press UK 2003
Exhibition history: 2001 Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida, USA
Courtesy: Collection of Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida, USA

"In all the workshops I hope to discover a remarkable idea from the most unexpected situation, hidden in an accumulation of creative doodles or discussions, an idea that astonishes and can eventually metamorphose into a pertinent form. Connector - Bunt City blossomed out of the encounter with some very special children at Metropolitan Ministries . Being unsure of the mental age group and cultural knowledge of the children prior to the encounter, it was difficult to asses how I could stimulate their potential creative capacities. The principle of the protocol C-1300 that establishes the vital link between a new personal unit and the existing infrastructure became the pivot for the construction of Bunt City, an ideal community built on complex social, exchange and hierarchical systems, challenging the utopian Plug In City and revealing more about community and environment than a child’s fantasy imagination. In the same way that Archigram’s fantasy projects acted as an alarm bell and a criticism of 60’s society, Bunt City is a metaphor for the desperate social poverty and dislocation of the urban community they are living in." (Lucy Orta in conversation with Jade Dellinger, 2001-2003)

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