Urban Life Guard

Studio Orta - 0807_b.jpg
Studio Orta - 0807_a.jpg

Date: 2002
Ref: 0806
Materials: Reconditioned military campbed, steel, diverse textiles, webbing, silkscreen print, aluminum aramtures
Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 200cm
Catalogued: pp 74-75 Lucy + Jorge Orta Antarctica, Electa ISBN 9788837060879
Courtesy: Private Collection

Since 2002, Lucy Orta has been experimenting with Red Cross army surplus to create a series of detournements. These works incorporate rigid structures such as camp beds and stretchers to propose a series of ‘warning signals’, reflecting on the transformations society is enduring under the threats of global warming, terrorism and globalisation. Stretchers transform into collective overalls and camp beds detach from frames morphing into sleeping bags; rucksacks convert to multiple habitats and linen tarpaulins mutate into collective harnesses, providing security from isolation; dinghies deploy creating wearable life rafts and lifejackets pop-out of courier bags.